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50 Vital Casino Job Vacancies: Highest Paid Jobs & Casino Salary in 2022 [Gambling Career]

Working in a casino presents an opportunity to make money, besides learning a lot in the hospitality industry. The amount they make ranges, depending on their positions. This varies from $19,430 to $200,000. For several casinos, supervisors and managers earn the highest amount of money. Next, we will take a closer look at the topic of careers in casinos, important numbers and casino wages that you will be interested to know.

Casino Wages: How Much Do Casino Workers Make

Casinos pay their workers a lot of money to keep them motivated. In many cases, high school diplomas or any other equivalent qualifications proves mandatory to secure jobs at casinos. Some gambling venues require college degrees in other related fields, including hospitality, accounting, or hotel management. According to state law, employees may be mandated to obtain several licenses that are issued by several regulatory institutions, such as gaming commissions.

#1. Casino Pit Boss (~$52,000)

Casino pit boss salary the range of $52,000 and $92,000 every year. Casino pit bosses and clerks work together to promote a fun, fair, and safe gambling environment for their players. This makes it important for them to keep a close eye on what happens on several table games. They search for various misconducts, including cheating, inappropriate dealings, among others. Even though their own work might appear similar to that of a surveillance operator, these bosses are devoted to one table for a certain period. They ensure appropriate game procedures are followed. In addition, various bonuses are awarded to the pit boss casino salary.

#2. Slot Machine Technician(~$36,80)

In America, slot machine technician salary average $36,800 in a year. Typically, the top 10% make at least $59,000 per year. In contrast, the bottom 10% earns below $22,000. Slot Machine technicians are responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, and repair of slot machines, among other gambling equipment. They also maintain work logs and report to the supervisors. While casinos employ slot machine technicians, they also work for slot machine manufacturers. To become one, an individual must earn at least a high school diploma or GED, gain experience, and get certified before applying for this position.

#3. Slot Attendant(~$30,00)

Slot attendant salary is between $20,500 and $58,900, with an average of $35,680. Top 80% makes $58,900, while the middle 60% earns $35,680. Slots attendants are in charge of handling services guests receive for casino slot machines. They work alongside slot hosts to patrol particular machines to which they are assigned. This is one of the lucrative jobs worth considering for a career in the gambling industry. This also involves maintaining damaged slots, besides assuring guest safety and handling all hand-pays for players. With their friendliness and hospitality, they also work with slot hosts to manage casino crowds and ensure that loyal customers visit again.

#4. Table Game Dealers (~$25,00)

If we consider the table games dealer salary, then it can be called somewhere as $ 17,040 to $ 36,370 per year. They engage directly with gamblers on a selection of table games, such as Blackjack and Poker. They maintain a fair and clean gaming environment, as well as create an energetic environment for players. Their earnings depend significantly on tips and as a result, most dealers have achieved a lively playing atmosphere. Dealers make use of their skills to run any table, while also being an expert in whatever game they play. Besides being very smooth with cards, they must ensure that gamblers follow all rules while playing.

#5. Casino Host(~$200,00)

Casino hosts make between $10,065 to $209,600. The middle 57% earn between a range of $37,900 and $95,090. The top 86% earn close to $209,600. In many cases, they earn commissions from casinos, which depend on losses of the players they invite in. They work on brand management and guest outreach. They organize loyalty programs – including VIP programs – and ensure that all specialized demands are met by working with these punters. They may set up booths close to a casino entrance to attract players’ attention. Some may even work around, initiating conversations about several beneficial programs.

#6. Casino Surveillance (~$32,000)

Casino surveillance salary is between $32,000 and $86,300. With casinos making millions – or even billions – of dollars, security becomes essential. Every major financial activity attracts people with illicit agendas. To protect casinos, security officers ensure that no one steals or cheats. They work with players as soon as they enter the casino. They often have a better view due to their strategic positions. They also look out for those who have had a little too much to drink. They work with security officers to keep casinos safe and secure.

#7. Casino CFO (~$200,000)

Top Casino CFO earners make over $200,000 annually. To ensure that all cash flowing through casinos are accounted for, a Casino CFO will carry out proper financial planning, track cash flow, and analyze the casino’s financial weaknesses and strengths, while proposing strategic directions. Casino CFOs hold a top financial position in casinos. Some of their multiple duties also include preparing financial statements and overseeing the capital structure of casinos. The latter represents one of their most important duties.

Casinos That Pay The Most: Highest Paying Casino Vacancy What Is In Demand

Casino worker salary depending on their positions, and this varies from one casino to another. Some high-paying vacancies at various gambling venues are introduced as follows:

#8. Casino Steward (~$20,000)

To work at Big Daddy asino, you must have a positive attitude, a high school diploma, and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. Stewards make an average salary of about 1.6 lakhs rupees annually. These estimates are based on salaries received by several workers of this gambling platform. The Big Daddy Casino job vacancy list is quite large and extensive. Its employees rate these salary packages and benefit a 4.0 out of 5. Top 10% at this gambling venue makes at least 3.59 lakhs rupees in a year, while the top 1% earn more than 6 lakhs rupees per year. Stewards are responsible for presenting guests with timely seating, besides menu information to promote their dining experience. It is important to understand that Big Daddy casino salary depends on the responsibilities and experience of the person.

#9. Director of Brand Marketing and Advertising (~$39,00)

Employees at Pechanga Resort and Casino earn, on average, $39,000 annually. This translates to $19 per hour, about 50% lower than the average national salary of $66,000 annually. A Director of Brand Marketing and Advertising is the highest earner in Pechanga. The lowest-paying job is a Line Cook, who makes $23,000 per year. This popular gambling venue has the biggest casino floor in California, which is approximately 188,000 sq ft. This gambling venue also boasts at least 5,000 slot machines, a non-smoking poker room that features 38 tables, 158 table games, and a bingo facility with 700 seats.

#10. Casino General Manager (~47,500)

This represents the highest-paying earner at this gambling venue, making about 47,500 per year on average. This is in contrast with the lowest-paying job at this casino, which is occupied by Cleaners who make 11,970 per year. With over 32 casinos in Great Britain, this UK-based gambling venue has several slots, table games, among others for guests to enjoy wherever they are. Players can also enjoy online roulette and classic games. Based on research, casino general manager salary can be called one of the highest among online gambling jobs. Genting jobs casino supports fair and responsible gaming among its members. It holds a license from Malta Gaming Authority.

#11. Sous Chef (~$55,528)

Workers that hold this high-paying job at San Manuel Casino earn at least $55,528 on average, which is about 12% higher than average national salary. Since most casinos are also venues for relaxation and entertainment, having a qualified Sous Chef can be essential. They report directly to a Head Chef. Their roles include assisting the head chef in creating menu items, directing food preparation processes, among others. To be a Sous Chef, an individual must possess a high school diploma or GED. Besides this, they must have between 2 to 5 years of cooking experience in a top dining environment.

#12. Information Technology Director (~$58,608)

This is the highest-paying job at Emerald Queen Casino. An Information Technology Director typically earns about $134,865 per year. In contrast, Sous Chefs make approximately $58,600 annually, while floor supervisors make $54,313 per year. An IT director is responsible for overseeing the entire technology infrastructure of a gambling venue. They also mentor and guide IT systems professionals. To be an IT director, an individual must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science as well as two years of leadership experience. They must also possess interpersonal skills and proven analytical problem-solving abilities.

#13. Executive Chef (~$101,000)

This represents the highest-paid position at this gambling venue. They earn at least $101,000 per year on average. In comparison, casino manager salary is about $50,000, while casino dealers make $32,000 on average. They are responsible for overseeing all prep work and they make sure that every meal that leaves the kitchen is consistent in quality and presentation. They develop and test different recipes. They must be active in controlling costs while maintaining quality of food. This position may require a Bachelor’s degree. One of the most common questions is how much do casino dealers make. It also requires at least 5 years in related areas and 3 years of supervisory experience.

#14. Store Manager (~$83,000)

This is the highest-paying job at Bellagio asino. Anyone who holds this position earns $83,000 per year. This is about 64% higher than the average national salary of all Store managers, which is set at $43,000. Executive casino host salary at Bellagio make about $61,000 annually. In comparison, an administrative assistant at Bellagio earns $36,000 per year, while casino accounting supervisors make $66,000 in a year. Store managers maintain the overall image of gambling venues.

Open Vacancies Casino Jobs Worldwide

There is a big demand for gambling vacancies across the industry. There are several jobs that are open to individuals worldwide. These jobs come with good salaries that vary from one position to another. Some of best way to make money at a casino are Introduced as follows:

#15. Casino Bartender (~$30,000)

On average, casino bartenders make about $30,000 annually, but this ranges from one gambling venue to another. In Bellagio, Bartenders make an average amount of $33,000, which is comparable to the amount Bartenders make in crown casinos at $32,300. At Emerald Hotel & casinos, Bartenders are paid $14.59 per hour. In Ameristar, Bartenders are paid at a rate of $9.30 per hour. They are responsible for preparing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for guests by interacting with them and taking orders. They access players’ needs and preferences while making recommendations.

#16. Casino Croupier (~$36,000)

A croupier is in charge of assisting in the conduct of a gambling table, particularly when it comes to bets and payouts distribution. They make use of their skills while running any table. What is a croupier? They engage in several games, including roulette, blackjack, kenos, among others. They ensure that all bets are placed before dealing cards. On average, roupiers salary is between $17,040 and $36,000 per year. Crown casino roupiers are paid about $40,000 annually. In Borgata casino, they are paid $43,490 annually. In Caesars Atlantic City casino croupier salary is $16 per hour.

#17. Slot Repair Technician (~$36,800)

Slot machine technicians make an average of $36,800 in a year. Mohegan Sun pays its slot repair technician $34,000 annually. Casino gaming machines repair technicians at 3 Lucky stars earn $33,781 per year, which compares to $31,100, which is earned by technicians at Foxwoods resorts. Slot Machine technicians maintain, troubleshoot, and repair slot machines, among other gambling equipment. Besides maintaining work logs, they also report to supervisors. While casinos employ slot machine technicians, they also work for slot machine manufacturers. To become a technician at gambling venues, an individual must possess a GED or high school diploma and get certified.

#18. Casino Cruise Jobs: Ship Worker (~$3,900)

On average, they earn between $ 2,800 to $ 3,900 every month. Most members are remunerated hourly and earn a lot through tips. The amount of salary they make depends on the hours they work for, their experience on cruise ships, and their level of casino experience. To some extent, the salary can be compared to the highest paid casino dealers. An average employee at Holland America Line earns about $ 39,522. In comparison, other high-paying competitors, including Crystal Cruises, Lotte New York Palace, and Coast Casinos pay their employees $ 45,517, $ 45,893, and $ 44,141 respectively, on average.

#19. Casino ocktail Waitress (~$18,988)

The average salary of a cocktail casino waitress salary is $18,988 annually. At Bellagio, Cocktail waitresses make $12 per hour. Mohegan Sun pays its Cocktail servers $15 per hour. Treasure Island pays its waitresses $11 per hour. They attend to all guests at beverage outlets. They pick up drink orders and ensure that they are delivered to guests. Besides keeping accurate bills, they also handle multiple tables. A cocktail waitress must possess a high school diploma, knowledge of cocktails, and ability to multitask.

#20. Count Room Clerk (~$31,390)

The average amount count room clerks make is about $31,390. At Rhythm City, count room clerks are paid $12 per hour, while at MGM resorts, they are paid $34,333 annually. Their main duty is to collect coins, chips, and bills from different areas in a casino. This could include receiving deposits from dealers as well as validating their accuracy. They are also responsible for retrieving coins from slot machines and bills from change-making machines. Count room clerks must meet minimum requirements for flexibility and mobility.

#21. Casino Controller (~$126,000)

On average, workers holding this high-paying position earn about $86,900. Top earners, however, go home with at least $126,000 every year. Controllers at Table Mountain casinos make about $76,982 per year. Casino controllers are mainly responsible not just for management accounting, but also for financial accounting. For small and medium-sized casino companies, these hotel controllers are responsible for making internal controls and ensuring that all gaming regulations are followed. They also ensure that every gaming-related activity is recorded appropriately in the financial statement.

#22. Casino Surveillance Operator (~$32,000)

Casino surveillance operators are paid between $32,000 and $86,300. In Bellagio, surveillance operators are paid $17 per hour. Foxwoods pays its surveillance operators $13 per hour while operators at MGM are paid at least $40,000 per year. With casinos making millions – or even billions – of dollars, security becomes essential. To protect casinos, security officers ensure that no one steals or cheats. They work with players as soon as they enter the casino. They often have a better view due to their strategic positions. They also look out for those who have had a little too much to drink.

#23. Blackjack Dealer (~$32,600)

The national average for blackjack dealer salary is set at $ 32,600 per year. Top earners rake in at least $ 65,000 annually. Jackson Rancheria Hotel & casinos pays its blackjack dealers $ 75,000 annually, while Paris Hotel & asinos pay its blackjack dealers $ 20,000 per year. Blackjack dealers are responsible for managing all operations on Blackjack tables. Besides handling money, they count chips, shuffle a deck of cards, and adhere to strict gaming regulations. They also make money through tips. Essential skills needed for this casino job vacancies are good math and interpersonal skills. It is these statistics that can characterize how much do blackjack dealers make.

#24. Poker Brush (~$42,580)

Workers holding this position in casinos make about $42,580 on average. This amount varies from one casino to another. The highest salary for a poker brush in the US is $105,684 per year, while the lowest is $26,102 per year. They are in charge of welcoming players, running the boards, and doling out waitlists. This ensures that guests can see where they are on a list while locating gamblers whenever they are called to a table. They also explain all rules associated with the Poker department. This position requires at least one year of guest service.

#25. Main Banker (~$38,583)

The average annual pay of Main bankers in gambling venues is set at $38,583. This compares to what Bankers in Empire City asino make, which is $45,966 per year. In comparison, Thunder Valley city casino pays its bankers $21 per hour. Main Bankers are charged with administering the handling of casino chips while ensuring payouts to all winning players. They also verify all losing wagers are collected appropriately by dealers. While some casinos may require their bankers to have a college degree or Bachelor’s degree, others may require prior experience in related fields.

#26. Casino Maintenance (~$45,132)

Workers holding this position are paid, on average, $45,132 annually. This casino job varies only among casinos, but also from one state to another. While top earners make above $70,000 in some casinos, low earners make about $16,100 per year. Mohegan Sun pays $15 per hour. Their duties are to ensure general maintenance and repair any minor or major issues, including gaming equipment. They also make sure that all machines and tables are arranged appropriately.

#27. Casino Revenue Auditor (~$46,700)

On average, a revenue auditor at a gambling venue makes at least $46,700 per year. While top earners rake in above $84,500 annually, bottom earners make $27,000 in a year. Foxwood pays its revenue auditors at least $53,000 per year. They compile and verify all cash coming into and going out of a gambling venue. They also ensure that all profits revenues are appropriately recorded. They prepare reports for every area of casino operation. They oversee day-to-day revenue accounting audits, which could include cash audits and other similar reports.

#28. Vice President of Casino (~$160,000)

Holders of this position make at least $160,000 annually, on average. MGM resorts pay its Vice Presidents over $210,000 per year. Foxwood resorts’ VP earns $158,412 every year for this post. The highest reported salary of a casino VP is $254,378 per year. For Wynn casino, the amount earned for this post can range from $148,970 to $160,650 per year. They are responsible for directing and managing slot operations, table games, and the smooth running of other casino host departments. They ensure profitable and efficient gaming operations in compliance with gaming regulations.

#29. CEO of Casino (~$240,000)

Casino CEOs rake in about $240,000 per year as salary, on average. This amount varies significantly from one gambling venue to another. Former MGM CEO, Jim Murren raked in about $13 million in 2019, which included $2 million as base salary. In comparison, the CEO of Red Rock resorts earns almost $2 million in compensation. Wynn Resorts CEO, Matt Madox earned $2 million as base salary and $24,571,900 in total compensation. CEOs hold management team meetings to tackle several concerns and create strategic plans to lead the company towards its overall goal.

#30. Casino Accountant (~$54,589)

An average casino accountant makes about $54,589 per year. While top earners make about $70,000 annually, low earners make $40,000 per year. Senior accountants in Wynn resorts earn at least $61,590 per year. Staff accountants in Mohegan Sun rake in over $64,600 in a year. Casino accounts are responsible for managing all revenues received from gambling. Their duties also include conducting casino finances, itemizing all accounts that are receivable and payable, and also monitoring all expenses. To become one, an individual must have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting.

#31. Casino Credit Clerk (~$38,900)

Holders of this post make about $38,900 annually, on average. Top earners rake in above $51,000 per year, while bottom earners make $29,500 annually. At Wynn resorts, credit clerks are paid $17 per hour. Borgata hotel casino and spa pays its credit clerks $15 per hour. In Atlantic City, workers holding this position earn between $36,270 and $48,200. Credit Clerks keep customer credit files while handling customer correspondence, with respect to all discrepancies that might occur on credit applications. They also communicate with central credit as regards credit applications.

#32. Gaming Manager (~$57,000)

On average, a gaming manager makes above $57,000 per year. Top earners can make as much as $125,000 per year, while bottom earners make $30,500 annually. This amount ranges from one casino to another. At Wynn resorts, the gaming manager makes about $80,350 per year. They conduct daily operations and ensure that staff within their facility are working efficiently. Holders of this gambling job also make sure that players are not cheating, while ensuring that dealers oversee games appropriately and house rules are enforced properly.

#33. Count Room Attendant (~$28,470)

Count room attendants make about $28,470 per year. High earners rake in more than $32,000 annually, while low earners make about $20,500 per year. This also varies from one state to another. They are in charge of collecting and counting table and slot games cash boxes that are collected from gaming floors while overseeing cash and ticket counts in compliance with state regulations, as well as casino internal control regulation and policies. A count room attendant must be accurate and fast while handling and counting cash.

Top Casino Manager jobs

There are several cage manager jobs that are common at several gambling venues. These top jobs come with good pay and varies from one casino to another. Some of these are introduced below:

#34. Cage Cashier (~$22 per hour)

At Encore casino, casino cashier salary $22 per hour. In comparison to other competing gambling venues, Boyd Gaming, Rivers casino, and Caesars entertainment all pay their Cage Cashiers $11 per hour, $15 per hour, and $12 per hour respectively. They are responsible for handling all financial transactions, which include exchanging cash for tokens, conducting credit checks, cashing checks, among other duties. They also account for every transaction to achieve accuracy. They must be able to count money fast and accurately, while also possessing exceptional customer service skills.

#35. Casino Floor Manager (~$53,000)

The national average salary that casino floor managers make is $53,918. They are in charge of creating a system that allows customers to win enough to return investments, while also making sure that casinos make a lot of profits. They also make sure that all games are enjoyed in compliance with various government regulations. Floor managers also handle complaints from players. To hold this position, you should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in hotel management, finance, and other related disciplines. Additional qualifications, including business and management experience, can also be relevant.

#36. Casino Shift Manager (~$74,600)

Workers gaming supervisor salary is about $74,600 annually. High earners make over $140,000 per year, while low earners make $60,300 per year. Shift managers conduct activities within the casino during a designated shift. They also communicate with departments to satisfy customers’ demands and efficiency in operation. They work in accordance with all state and federal gaming regulations. Shift managers also maintain a proper visual presence on the casino floor. Being a casino shift manager requires at least 5 years of working experience in related fields. Between 1 to 3 years of supervisory experience may also be required.

#37. Slot Floor Person (~$34,000)

Holders of this position, on average, rake in at least $34,000 per year. Top earners make about $56,000 every year – and this translates to $27 per hour – while low earners make below $25,000 annually. A floor person is in charge of supervising gameplay at different tables, particularly on the look out for those who want to cheat or break house rules. They also integrate dealers’ schedules and ensure that supplies of equipment are maintained. This mid-level position involves workers reporting to pit bosses. Many slot floor persons were once dealers, with sufficient knowledge of most games.

Online Casino Jobs: How To Make Money Gambling Online

Online casino workers carry out similar responsibilities to individuals holding corresponding positions at offline casinos. However, since online gambling sites only boast a digital presence, physical interactions between workers and gamblers are impossible. Everyone can try the popular free online slots, online pokies for free with bonuses and prizes. There are many vacancies and positions involved in the creation and development. Online casinos bring the thrills and excitements of land-based gambling venues to online players through video streaming in HD. Some relevant jobs and how to make money at the casino are discussed as follows:

#38. Online Casino Dealer(~$31,000)

Online casino dealer salary between $31,000 and $60,000 annually. In comparison, an online Blackjack dealer, on average makes $36,843 per year. Online poker dealer salary is between $8 and $10 per hour, which could translate to between $16,000 and $20,000 annually for 40 hours a week. To become an online casino dealer gaming, you must pass a certain dealer audition. You must also possess at least a high school diploma or GED. Besides having no felonies, you must also pass a pre-employment drug test.

#39. Casino Designer (~$60,500)

Holders of this position, on average, make about $60,500 per year. This amount varies from one online casino to another. They are responsible for making sure that all games and online casino features are properly arranged for players to navigate properly. They also pay close attention to the usability of the website, which is an essential factor. This is one of those vacancies that can easily be called online casino jobs from home. As several gambling platforms seek an online presence, having a great design can be essential in attracting players.

#40. Affiliate Manager (~$30,000)

Affiliate managers often make between $30,000 to $60,000 per year on average. They ensure the effectiveness of every gaming affiliate marketing activity, which is delivered through each channel across the Interactive business. They are also responsible for delivering precise and reliable reports on activities that are important to stakeholders. They must also be fully aware of proper legislation and good practice required for affiliate marketing.

#41. Game Developer (~$70,000)

The average salary of Game developers varies from $70,000 to $95,700 per year. Game developers design and conceptualize the themes, rules, and structure of a game. This is a popular option among those who want to make money online gambling. It is thanks to the people in this vacancy that you can enjoy a free pokies game with bonuses with a comfortable and bright design. As technology advances, game developers are responsible for adding several advanced features to their games to improve users’ overall gaming experience. All aspiring candidates for this post must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering. They must also be proficient in programming languages, including Java and C++. Game developers must be aware of the latest gaming trends.

#42. Online Marketer (~$52,900)

On average, online marketers earn between $52,900 to $74,310 annually. The amount they make ranges from one casino to another. To get casino products and services to potential players across the globe, casino online marketers are responsible for all marketing efforts related to gambling. This could involve designing reward programs for existing players. They also determine the demands for certain products and services.

#43. Casino Security Manager (~$66,000)

On average, casino security salary is about $66,032 per year. At Wynn resorts, security managers make about $29 per hour. At Four Winds casino, holders of this post make $13 to $14 per hour. Security Managers provide solutions to any form of high-level IT security issues, as well as supervise workers who execute all security measures. They also prepare and oversee budgets and evaluate all security technologies and tools needed.

#44. Shift Manager (~$75,000)

Shift managers at casinos make $75,000, on average. This ranges among casinos, with high earners taking in about $135,000. Shift managers are in charge of conducting activities within the casino during any designated shift. They also communicate with departments to satisfy customers’ demands and provide operational efficiency. Their work is in accordance with all state and federal gaming regulations. Being a Shift Manager requires between 1 to 3 years of supervisory role in related fields.

#45. Casino Internal Auditor (~$70,760)

The national average salary for casino internal auditors is $ 70,760 per year. Top earners holding this position rake in at least $ 84,000 per year. They are responsible for verifying and compiling all cash coming into and going out of a gambling venue. They also make sure that all profits and revenues are properly recorded. Internal auditors prepare reports for different areas of casino operation. People who work in a casino in this position conduct cash audits and other revenue accounting audits.

#46. Copywriter (~$20,000)

An average copywriter makes between $20,000 to $25,000 annually, often with relatively minimal experience. To be a copywriter for most online casinos, an individual must be highly skilled and proficient in English writing, as well as possess a deep knowledge of several online gambling topics. They must also have proven skills in writing top-quality articles for visitors. If you want to try free online slots no download, casino or other games, you can read the reviews to understand the essence and features.Copywriters help readers learn bonuses and stats before playing.

#47. Casino Director of Operations (~$115,000)

Holders of this top-paying post earn about $115,750 every year. At Chinook Winds casino resorts, Directors of Operations make at least $146,980 every year. They conduct most of the casino’s daily activities while coordinating and directing actions throughout the organization. They also conduct various departments as well as spotting several areas for improvement.

#48. Analyst (~$60,000)

Analysts make approximately $60,500 per year, on average. High earners earn about $110,000 annually, while bottom earners make $31,000 per year. They often run different statistics to estimate how frequently certain games are likely to pay out with respect to evaluated averages and certain win percentages. They also employ statistics to estimate the probability of certain tables paying out.

#49. Casino Finance Manager (~$46,150)

Finance Managers at gambling venues make between $46,150 to $49,300 per year. They analyze, accumulate, identify, prepare, interpret, and communicate every piece of financial information adopted by management to create a plan, as well as evaluate and maintain control of the financial details of a casino. They also regulate and monitor access to casino marketing systems, casino credits, among other gaming systems.

#50. VIP manager (~$50,000)

On average, VIP managers earn about $50,000 annually. In comparison, Virgin Hotels pays its VIP managers $59,500 per year. They are responsible for designing and executing acquisition and retention programs to bring in and retain premium gamblers. They also provide dedicated services to high rollers to make sure their demands are fully met. They monitor all market trends and data that relate to VIP gamblers.

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