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3 Proven Ways to Make Money from Your Blog in 2022

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Are you searching for an answer to the question of how to earn money through your blog? It’s true that you could. There are a variety of ways to earn money from your blog.

Earn money from blogging in two ways: passive and active. If you are active you make something that can generate income. In the passive approach, you allow businesses to promote your blog.

In this blog, you’ll be taught the top five practical ways to earn income through your blog. The two first are passive income techniques.

The two following are the most active strategies. The third one could be any or both depending on the kind you are using, and learn how to earn money from blogging by 2021.

(1). Advertising

Advertising is considered to be the fastest and most efficient method to make money through your blog. All you have to do is join one of the ad networks.

If you’re accepted by them, then you may begin displaying advertisements on your blog.

While ads are the most efficient method of earning money, it takes patience to earn decent revenue from advertising. The reason for this is because the profits from advertisements are contingent on the amount of blog’s traffic. If your blog’s traffic grows and your blog’s traffic increases, so will your ad earnings.

How does your blog make money from advertising?

Advertisement networks can usually assist you to set up the advertisement code on your website. The money you earn from advertising comes through one of the two methods:

1. Cost-per-click (CPC) Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads pay you each time a person clicks the advertisements.

2. Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) Ads Pay you an undetermined amount based on the number of viewers who have viewed your advertisements.

The choice of an advertising network

The first step to earn through advertisements is choosing an advertising network. Although you could sell ads directly, it can take up the majority of the time. By delegating the task for ad networks

It is possible to create good blog posts and share them across the internet to draw more visitors to your site.

Here are the most effective ad networks there:

1. Google AdSense: Google AdSense is the most famous advertising network. It is simple- you simply place the banner ad, and AdSense will pick the ads that are most appropriate to the blog’s content.

You could also create guidelines for ad placement and ad placement.

2. Mediavine: Mediavine is an advertising network that allows you to maximise your profits from ads by providing technical assistance. Bloggers usually earn higher from Mediavine.

However, you must achieve 25,000 engagements within the course of 30 days for you to join this network.

3. is a popular ad platform for newbie bloggers. It will optimize the ads you display on your blog to offer you the most money. The advertising network also provides unbeatable support.

(2). Affiliate Marketing

How to make money from blogging Another method to make money fast is by affiliate marketing. Through affiliate marketing, you market the products or services of a company by using a customized link.

If a visitor clicks on the link and purchases, you earn a commission!

Based on the subject the niche is, you could earn commissions that range from 10% to 60%.

Additionally, the amount earned through affiliate marketing is usually more than what is earned through advertising. Therefore, the affiliate market is more profitable.

Beginning with affiliate marketing by choosing the right network

It is possible to associate with the company that offers products or services your target audience will find useful and relevant. The website of the company usually offers a section about becoming part of their Affiliate Program.

If direct affiliation appears to be a daunting task then you should sign up to one of the affiliate networks available. These networks act as an intermediary between you and the businesses.

They usually offer support and tools such as traffic monitoring, which direct affiliate programs typically do not usually offer.

Some of the most effective affiliate marketing networks include:

1. Amazon Associates: Amazon’s affiliate program lets you earn money when you refer your blog’s readers to Amazon, the largest online store in the world.

You can make reference to the thousands of items Amazon offers. Since Amazon is a very well-known retailer it is likely that you will see a significant portion that your customers will click on your link to refer to.

2. ShareASale: ShareASale is among the largest and most famous Affiliate marketing platforms. It offers affiliate programs of every kind you can imagine! It also pays high-paying commissions to affiliates.

3. CJ Affiliate: The CJ affiliate is also among the most popular affiliate marketing networks that are available online. It is utilized by a variety of top websites across the globe.

The best way to get conversion/affiliate commission is to list verified coupons & discounts on your blog posts for specific products/brands for which you are working as an affiliate.

Before you start affiliate marketing

Before you join any affiliate program, be sure that your product/service offered by the program’s company will be one you could advertise through your blog.

If your customers do not want to receive such offers, you shouldn’t join any affiliate programs.

Additionally, only recommend products or services you personally use. This way, you will be able to endorse the product honestly.

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(3). Sponsored Posting

How to earn money from blogging Sponsored Posting is one of two options – an active source or passive source of income depending on the type of content.

Earn money by allowing brands to advertise on your blog, or write blog posts on unique platforms.

Sponsored posting can be via methods like:

1. Paid promotional post It’s an income-generating method that is active. In this kind of post, you will have brands sponsoring blogs that publish posts. A portion of your blog post could be devoted to promoting the sponsor’s brand.

2. A syndicated post is a passive method to earn income. Other platforms can share your blog’s content on their sites.

3. Selling Footer & Homepage advertisements is also a healthy source of income through blog

You earn money by giving them to publish. The name of the author’s name will remain.


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