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24-Year-Old Lady Who Lost Her Job Says She Makes N3.5 Million Monthly Working Two Hours Daily

  • 24-year-old lady who lost her waitressing job because of COVID-19 said she has struck gold in affiliate marketing
  • Shannon Smith said she makes over N3 million monthly promoting other people’s businesses on social media
  • She said, after trying her hands on online fitness training business, she left due to burn-out and decided to try affiliate marketing

When the COVID-19 hit, Shannon Smith said she lost her waitressing job as the pandemic hit the hospitality industry the hardest.

She decided to take the loss in her strides and as a sign to build an online fitness business she has wanted to do.

Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith
Source: Getty Images

Quitting due to burn-outs

Writing for CNBC’s Earn, Shannon said she sold a 90-day fitness programme that includes working out and meal plans, as well as weekly coaching sessions through Zoom.

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She made about N415,000 to N830,000 monthly and supplemented her income with her savings and COVID-19 stimulus paycheques.

Shannon said she ended up working 10 hours a day and burned out. So, after a year, she decided to part ways with her fitness business and decided to make money in another way.

Striking gold

According to her, she has seen affiliate marketers, people who get paid a commission by the online retailers for website traffic or sales 0n her TikTok feed.

She said she was doubtful the first time but decided to take an online course that persuaded her that affiliate marketing is a genuine business model. She went all in.

Shannon said she used her TikTok and Instagram accounts to market products in July 2021. She started posting multiple times a day and giving tips on how to start a side business, earn a passive income, grow your business and wealth-building tools and programmes.

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By October, Shannon said she had gathered about 43,000 followers on TikTok which is her largest platform.

She said she has made an average of N3.5 million monthly in affiliate marketing, in addition to posts she made several months in the past that kept making money for her.

Shannon said she now has now moved into a beautiful apartment, travels frequently and does not get to work so hard anymore.

The 24-year-old told people who want to start affiliate marketing to turn to experts for guidance. She said they should focus on one particular niche and grow from there.

The affiliate marketer said prospective marketers should find winning, high-ticket products to advertise.

Woman quits full time job to trade crypto

Meanwhile, reported that quitting full-time employment to take up trading in a volatile system like cryptocurrency is something that takes a lot of nerves to do.

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But one mother did not think so much about the volatility and the risks associated with crypto and non-fungible token (NFTs) before diving head-on and is making a success of the risk.

Brenda Gentry has worked for more than 10 years as a mortgage underwriter in an insurance company in USAA before she resigned in October 2021 to run a crypto consulting firm after leaving her job.


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