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12 Best SEO Podcasts for 2022 (To Up Your SEO Game)

Looking for the best SEO podcasts to listen to?

I know, it can get mind-boggling.

Just go on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and youll feel yourself drowning in a whirlpool of millions of podcasts.

And by millions, I mean literally.

In fact, Podcast Insights reports that as of the fourth quarter of 2021, there were 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes.


And while that sheer number means the chances of finding pure SEO gold out there are high

it also means stumbling upon podcasts thatll waste your time are just as high.

Thats why Ive decided to compile a list of the best SEO podcasts for 2022.

These podcasts are handpicked for you, so you can confidently go ahead and upgrade your SEO game without the wasted time.


Lets go!

12 Best Podcasts to Boost Your SEO Skills in 2022

Dont like staring blankly into space during your daily commute?

Or while you stand in an endless line at the mall?

Or at the park, while your kids murder the jungle gym?

Podcasts are here to save you.

Plus, if you listen to the best SEO podcasts, youll be taking huge steps towards your affiliate marketing goals.

Here are 12 you cant miss.

  1. Webcology

12 Best SEO Podcasts


Hosts: Jim Hedger and Dave Davis

Frequency: Weekly

Length: Around one hour/episode

Already know a thing or two about SEO?

Webcology might be the podcast youre looking for.

Thats because its packed with advice, tips, and guidelines for the not-so-beginner.

Youll learn things like:

  • How to rank in Google Discover

  • Google ads

  • The effect of expired landing pages

  • Google core updates

  • Brand SERP optimization

  • Google Knowledge Panel management

  • And more

Sound techy?

Dont worry.

Its far from boring.

Hosts Jim Hedger and Dave Davies arent robots droning on and on about terms that make your nose bleed.

In fact, theyre super engaging.

And no wonder, as theyve been at their game for over a decade.

So if you already know the basics of SEO and want to take your game to a whole new level

Webcology is the podcast to follow.

Start listening today on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

  1. The Authority Hacker Podcast

12 Best SEO Podcasts


Hosts: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Frequency: Twice a month

Length: 40-50 minutes/episode

Into affiliate marketing?

Youve probably heard about Authority Hacker.

These guys are dominating the industry, teaching affiliate marketers around the globe the tricks of the trade.

Which means, they know a thing or two about SEO.

The good news?

They dont keep their secrets to themselves.

You can tune in to their bi-monthly podcast and learn about:

  • Link building

  • How to grow site traffic

  • How to build a funnel

  • And more

Whats awesome about this podcast is that it isnt structured like a college lecture.


Listen in, and youll feel like youre joining a coffee-time conversation between friends.

Plus, Gael and Mark share their own experiences with building websites, SEO, and writing blogs.

From time to time, youll be surprised with prestigious guests like SEO-expert Steve Toth.

Ready to start listening?

You can do so on:

  1. The Search Engine Journal Show

12 Best SEO Podcasts


Host: Loren Baker

Frequency: Twice a month

Search Engine Journal (SEJ) is a well-known figure in the digital marketing world.

It offers expert advice on a ton of topics, including SEO, PPC, content marketing, and more.

And if youre not the kind of person who enjoys reading blogs or ebooks, youll love their podcast The Search Engine Journal Show.

Its exciting, the prestigious experts theyre able to rope in for each episode.

For instance, they have an episode where they feature Googles Gary Illyes. (I mean, what better way to learn SEO tactics than from someone who works for Google?)

Tune in to the Search Engine Journal Show, and youll learn things like:

A little note here.

The Search Engine Journal Show is meant for people who already have a little SEO background.

So if youre a complete beginner, the terms can get a tad confusing.

But if youre confident in your foundation and want to grow your SEO knowledge and skills, definitely start listening today.

You can do so on:

  1. The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

12 Best SEO Podcasts


Host: Chris Burress and Matt Bertram

Frequency: Twice a month

Looking for a podcast with a huge range of topics covered?

The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing has got your back.

With over 500 episodes, this podcast will take you through the ins and outs of SEO, including:

This podcast has been around since 2017 and accumulated 3.6 million downloads in over 100 countries.

Amazing much?

That goes to show how much value it provides to SEOs across the globe.

They have some exciting guests from time to time as well, including Matthew Royse and Lemuel Park.

So if youre ready to give some of their episodes a listen, head over to:

  1. WTS Podcast

12 Best SEO Podcasts


Host: Sarah McDowell, Areej AbuAli

Frequency: Weekly

Are you an SEO beginner?

Looking for a podcast thats easy to understand, even for non-SEOs?

WTS Podcast is the one for you.

The podcasts focus is on women in the digital marketing world, and it brings in great female guests from the industry who share insights on:

Of course, this podcast doesnt exclude the guys.

Although it focuses on women in the technical SEO industry, anyone can listen along to gain priceless insights from lady experts.

If youre interested, you can start listening on:

  1. SEO for the Rest of Us

12 Best SEO Podcasts


Host: Brendan Hufford

Frequency: Sporadic

If youre a beginner in SEO, this podcast is for you.

Thats because SEO for the Rest of Us isnt technically an SEO podcast.

Its a podcast aimed at business people trying to grow their brand digitally through SEO.

See the difference?

As you can imagine, there are no episodes thatll leave you scratching your head and wondering, what the heck was that?

Rather, everything is kept simple, engaging, and even fun.

Here are three examples to give you a feel of the podcast:

  • The $12M Blog: How to Build a Blog that Lasts (with Brian Clark)

  • A 4-Hour Workweek with SEO (with Pete McPherson)

  • Curing SEO Burnout (with Brittany Berger)

Interesting, right?

The podcast is totally unique and lighthearted, which is why you should hop over and give it a try.

You can do so on:

Note: Episodes arent released on a regular basis, but thats OK! While waiting for new ones to pop up, you can always listen to their current comprehensive collection.

Another interesting thing is that not all episodes have the same length.

Some are only three minutes long, while others stretch to over an hour.

This is great, since you can choose what you listen to depending on how much time you have at the moment.

  1. Kalicube Tuesdays SEO Podcast

Best SEO Podcasts

Source: spotify

Host: Jason Barnard

Frequency: Sporadic

This podcast is the opposite of the previous one.

That is, its aimed at experts in the industry who want to boost their game with cutting-edge SEO advice.

Kalicube Tuesdays has over 200 episodes, each one packed with high-level digital marketing and SEO insights.

It also features some of the best names in the industry, from Fabrice Canel of Microsoft to Jeff Coyle of MarketMuse.

Topics include:

Feel youre well off on your way to becoming an SEO expert?

Youll love Kalicube Tuesdays.

Listen to it on:

  1. Voices of Search

Best SEO Podcasts


Host: Benjamin Shapiro

Frequency: Every other day

Dont have time to sit down to hour-long podcast episodes?

Youll love Voices of Search.

Thats because it offers SEO advice in bite-sized portions, which are often less than 20 minutes long.

Cool, right?

And with Voices of Search, snackable size doesnt mean thin value.


You can learn a ton of new things in that brief third of an hour.

Things like:

So, ready to learn useful SEO tips while standing in line at the grocery?

Head over to:

  1. SEO Podcast

Best SEO Podcasts


Host: Timothy Carter

Frequency: Daily (except weekends)

Looking for even smaller bite-sized SEO podcast episodes?

Go no further than the SEO Podcast.

The SEO Podcast is hosted by Timothy Carter, a digital marketer with over 20 years of experience under his belt.

Just like Voices of Search, snackable size doesnt mean thin value.

Not at all.

In fact, in under 10 minutes, you can learn about:

  • Organic lead generation

  • Link wheels

  • Negative keyword lists

  • And more

To keep things nice and short, some of these episodes are divided into two.

Sound like your cup of tea?


To start listening, head over to Spotify.

  1. Tech SEO Podcast

TechSEO Podcast


Host: Keira Davidson

Frequency: Monthly

Maybe youve got on-page and off-page SEO nailed down.

But when it comes to technical SEO

you feel you need to learn a tad more.

If so, you should definitely listen to TechSEO Podcast.

Thats because this channel focuses strictly on technical SEO.


Host Keira Davidson discusses topics such as:

  • Large scale migrations

  • Automated SEO testing

  • Deduping large websites

  • And so much more

Clearly, this podcast isnt for the faint of heart.

Or rather, its not for total beginners who want to get a broad foundation of what SEO is.

Its for seasoned individuals who want cutting edge advice on tech SEO and how to boost their game through it.

So if thats you, you can start listening on:

  1. SEO 101

SEO 101


Host: Ross Dun, Scott Van Achte

Frequency: Every three weeks

Lets go back to foundational SEO.

If youre a beginner digital marketer, SEO 101 is for you.

Its packed with all the basics you need to start with a good foundation, including:

But heres the thing.

SEO 101 isnt only for the total beginner.

Maybe youre already a high-level marketer, but you feel like your SEO foundation isnt that strong.

Or maybe youre an expert who wants to constantly brush up on the essentials of good SEO.

Either way, youll love SEO 101 and their chatty, even humorous style.

Ready to start listening?

You can do so on:

  1. Work in SEO

WorkinSEO Podcast


Host: Isaline Muelhauser

Frequency: Weekly

Maybe youre not looking for SEO tips and advice.

Maybe what youre looking for is camaraderie.

You feel all alone in your SEO career, and you want to know how other people are managing theirs.

If this sounds like you, tune in to the Work SEO Podcast.

Youll love hearing guests talk about their jobs, whether these people have founded digital agencies or work as content marketers and outreach specialists.

Trust me.

Once you start listening to this podcast, youll never again feel alone on your SEO journey.

To begin, listen on:

Best SEO Podcasts: The Fun Way to Boost Your SEO Game

Love podcasts?

We all do.

I mean, what better way to pass the time than by learning something new?

And if you want to boost your SEO game as quickly as possible

listening to the best SEO podcasts will take you a long way towards your goal.

So start today.

Dont worry.

You dont have to tune in to all of the 12 channels Ive mentioned in this blog.

Simply pick one that seems most interesting to you, give Episode 1 a listen, and voila!

Youll be on your way to boosting your SEO game the fun way.

Image credits:

All screenshots taken by the author, April 2022.

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